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“great service and equipment, supportive IT staff, we highly recommend Coin Copiers to any company or university” >>

Flexible vending solutions

Whether self-service, on account, debit or smart cards we have the appropriate vending solution >>

A One Card System

A single ID card that works with all student services: bookstores, meal plans, parking access, computer usage, copier/printing, laundry services and other point of sale transactions >>

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We Care For The Environment

Coin Copiers takes its commitment to environmental stewardship very seriously. All corporations play a major role in protecting and preserving the environment. At Coin Copiers, we only use the Ricoh family of copiers that have consistently set the standard for environmental conservation. We help your organization reduce its impact on the environment by offering energy efficient products and systems that minimize power usage and resource consumption.

All our copiers meet the rigorous requirements for Energy Star compliance from the EPA.

  • Our copiers' internal toner recycling processes help increase toner yields, reduce toner waste, and diminish the need for cartridge replacements.
  • Our copier systems automatically enter into a low power sleep mode when not in use. During this time, they consume significantly less electricity than during normal operation.
  • Coin Copiers provides the toner to our customers' machines. In addition to saving the customer money, it helps us to ensure quality, efficiency, and limit waste/spillage.
  • Coin Copiers print vending solutions allow its customers to reduce their paper and print cartridge waste by up to 70% by eliminating unnecessary printing. Trash cans are no longer filled full of waste once patrons are held accountable for the cost of this printing.
  • We offer a program to our customers to recycle print cartridges. Contact us and we'll drop by to pick up the used cartridges at your location.