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“great service and equipment, supportive IT staff, we highly recommend Coin Copiers to any company or university” >>

Flexible vending solutions

Whether self-service, on account, debit or smart cards we have the appropriate vending solution >>

A One Card System

A single ID card that works with all student services: bookstores, meal plans, parking access, computer usage, copier/printing, laundry services and other point of sale transactions >>

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“……Several years ago, the cost of paper and support for free laser printing became prohibitively expensive. As we compared pay-for-print software from various companies, it became clear that Coin Copiers would provide the same attentive support of their software as was being provided by their copying equipment group. We have been very pleased with the ease of maintaining the equipment and software, and have saved money in paper and toner. ….. I would highly recommend Coin Copiers to other universities.”

Director of Fondren Library, Rice University

……“We have been extremely satisfied with both the copy quality and the prompt response to service calls. We also purchased the print control software to allow us greater control over the payment of prints made from our library network. ……The IT staff at Coin Copiers has been very supportive in assisting us with the software installation for our print control software. To reiterate, we could not be more pleased with Coin Copiers. We, without reservation, can recommend their company to any library or company interested in signing a contract with them.”

Director of Library Services, Alvin Community College

……“We are quick to acknowledge that we don't deal with copier problems because we deal with Coin Copiers. From the first step of calling Coin Copiers, we deal with respectful, helpful, and friendly people. Service technicians are on the job within hours: efficient and fast. …..The great service and equipment applies to the Copier/Printer Access system supplied by Coin Copiers. We have used this system since 2000 and daily are grateful for it. The Copier/Printer Card system is a great paper manager—no more unclaimed, unpaid-for prints. Students know what they are getting and how much it will cost before completing the printing. Furthermore, the students really like it and the freedom it gives them. They can use the internet, print out the material using their card, and leave without approaching the circulation desk or asking for help. I highly recommend your systems to any institution with volume printing and copying.”

Librarian, Klein Oak High School

……“Having your staff manage the copiers has allowed my staff to have more time to serve our customers directly. Since Coin Copiers has been a reliable vendor for us, we asked for your help in providing a debit card system for computer prints and copiers. Your staff has worked diligently with my staff in implementing and supporting this debit card system. This has been very successful and the staff is very complimentary of your desire to provide the best possible service to Harris County and more importantly to make sure that the system works for the Library. Having Coin Copiers manage both of these services has made Harris County Public Library more efficient and a better steward of public funds.”

Director, Harris County Public Library

……“The quality of customer service and personalized attention has been outstanding…... Coin Copiers Inc. has now moved into providing computer printing and copy vending using magnetic copy/print cards and utilizing specialized print vending software. In September, 1999 the library of Houston Community College—Central began using these products. It has been a wonderful way to deal with our computer printing problems. Prior to this printing was excessive and wasteful and paper and toner. We had no good way to control it. It was very costly for the library to replace paper and toner in the quantity used. Now, not only do we not need to supply toner and paper, but much of the excess and waste has been reduced due to the charge for printing. Also the print cards capability to function with the photocopiers has worked out really well for the library and the students.”

Library Chair, HCC-Central

“…..Coin Copiers placed two units in our library at absolutely no cost to us—certainly a positive factor to me as we had previously rented our machines at a considerable expense to the library budget considering we had to cover the rental during the summer months when the machines generate no funds……Naturally, the commission check we receive periodically from Coin Copiers is an added bonus, something we never received from other companies. ….. From our experiences, I can confidently recommend the services of Coin Copiers to any institution or agency as a solution for their copying needs. I hope we continue this association as long as I remain in the library at CHS.”

Head Librarian, Conroe High School