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“great service and equipment, supportive IT staff, we highly recommend Coin Copiers to any company or university” >>

Flexible vending solutions

Whether self-service, on account, debit or smart cards we have the appropriate vending solution >>

A One Card System

A single ID card that works with all student services: bookstores, meal plans, parking access, computer usage, copier/printing, laundry services and other point of sale transactions >>

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Higher Education
Universities, colleges and high schools can control the increasing cost of computer-generated printing/copying through the use of our Print Vending systems. We recognize that one solution does not fit every school or even every department within a school. Whether you need help monitoring the costs of computer labs, accounting for staff usage, or simply streamlining your processes of charging for prints/copies within your library, our software is flexible and can easily be configured to handle multiple and differing scenarios within the same institution.

Our cost recovery solutions come with several configurations to meet your needs: from simple coin/bill operated to debit card systems to our more advanced On Account software, which allows the user to utilize their own account and funds by using either a keypad or any card with a standard ABA encryption (i.e. driver's license, student ID, gas card, other).

The On Account software keeps the balances in the database within the software and eliminates the need to update the balance on a magnetic-striped card, thus making it a perfect fit for One Card Systems.

Contact us to help you define an optimal process and configuration for your institution.