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“great service and equipment, supportive IT staff, we highly recommend Coin Copiers to any company or university” >>

Flexible vending solutions

Whether self-service, on account, debit or smart cards we have the appropriate vending solution >>

A One Card System

A single ID card that works with all student services: bookstores, meal plans, parking access, computer usage, copier/printing, laundry services and other point of sale transactions >>

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We are pleased to provide you with a complementary evaluation copy of our print vending software to better assist you with your decision-making process. After answering only the few questions below, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download, install and test our solution.

The download copy is only for our standalone version of the print vending software, yet it will help you extrapolate the benefits of our functionality. This version requires the minimum configuration setting, environment preparation and level of software implementation expertise of all of our solutions

Recognizing that installing and implementing software is a multi-dimensional project, we offer consulting and implementation services to ensure you experience a smooth assimilation of our products into your operations. An organization-wide proof of concept is a best practice to help you define technical resolutions unique to your computing environment as well as implementation and change management requirements to ensure you have a timely and successful deployment and user adoption.

Our technical staff is available to deploy a proof of concept that entails implementing our networked software within your own computing environment to help you evaluate any of our solutions: Traditional use of control devices or On Account printing, Time Control & Reservation or our fully configured One Card.

Contact us for a needs assessment and proposal or proceed with the download.

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