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A One Card System

A single ID card that works with all student services: bookstores, meal plans, parking access, computer usage, copier/printing, laundry services and other point of sale transactions >>

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Looking for a network pay for print solution that will reduce printing volume and recoup the growing costs of paper, toner, cartridges, etc.? Coin Copiers has the solution for you. Our software will enable you to:
  • Reduce wasted printing by implementing a central Print Release Station
  • Charge students/patrons for printing – Coin/Bill, Debit Card, or Account
  • Track printing of departments for internal billing
  • Account for printing for billing external clients
  • Operate in PASSIVE MODE to track printing and printer use.
  • Provide print job privacy/security in a public or office environment

Our pay for print software is designed to work with debit card readers, coin/bill operated vending devices or via the use of account codes.

Here's how it works:

Users print from their client workstation just as they normally would. A window pops up on the client workstation and asks the user to name their print job. After entering job name, the job is sent to a queue on a print release station typically set up next to a printer.

The user can continue working or go directly to a print release station to release their job(s) for printing. A print release station is used to list all print jobs sent to the queue. The user selects their job from the queue and is shown the cost of the print job. The software then asks the user to “Please insert funds” to pay for the job. At this point the user can pay for the job via currency in a coin/bill acceptor, insert print/copy card to deduct from value on their card, or deduct from their personal or group account. It's just as easy as it sounds.

Accounts can be utilized by downloading applicable student data (name, password, balance) from a central database. If an allowance for prints is given to each student, the software will deduct directly from their account as the student makes prints assuming the appropriate name and password information is entered into the screen.

Coin Copiers Print Vending Software Features:

  • Multiple Servers
  • Multiple Print Queues
  • Calculation and display of print cost before printing
  • Support Text, HP-PCL and Postscript
  • Compatibility with all coin/bill vending devices or card readers
  • Separate user defined pricing for black & white vs. color prints
  • Ease of installation for your IT staff
  • Onsite installation or consulting available upon request.

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