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Time Control/Reservation Systems
Coin Copiers has the right solution to cope with waiting lines, handling PC reservations, policing time limits and dealing with impatient customers. Although this is prevalent with public libraries, other market applications could exist where it is necessary to provide open access to computing resources.

Coin Copiers has a modular approach to this solution with our Time Access and Gatekeeper software components. The Time Access module limits the time a patron can use a specific PC. The benefits of this system include:

  • saving staff time monitoring computers/lists
  • reducing confrontation between patrons and staff
  • fairly distributing limited resources between patrons, and
  • providing usage statistics reports (number of users, average usage time and most-used computers)

Time Access is easy for Librarians/Patrons to use and its many options allow libraries to:

  • limit amount of time a patron can use a PC
  • create and use one-time random numbers with preset time and/or use library card names/numbers
  • display descending running time on desktop so users always know how much time they have left, and
  • provide ultimate control of computers to reference or circulation desk. Librarians can add or reduce time, start or end a computer session, send a text message, or even reboot a machine all from the reference desk

The Gatekeeper optional module is a self-service PC reservation system that allows patrons to sign up for a computer with just a few keystrokes. This module will save significant staff time by eliminating the need for librarians to keep reservation lists or arbitrate between users over PC access. Some of the features of Gatekeeper include:

  • allowing users to ‘one click' log on if no one is waiting
  • automatically extend time if no one is waiting
  • allowing users to schedule ‘next available computer'.
  • allowing users to make future reservations for a specific time, day, and computer (at site's discretion).
  • Making reservations via the Internet

Recognizing that installing and implementing software is a multi-dimensional project, we offer consulting and implementation services to ensure you experience a smooth assimilation of our products into your operations.

Contact us for more details on the benefits of implementing our Time Access and Gatekeeper solutions.